Sports offered in Meaford

  1. Coyotes Meaford – Cross country running club.
  2. Blue Mountain Soccer Club. Currently has indoor team in Meaford and plays on Thornbury fields
  3. Dance With Us dance studio in Meaford.
  4. Public skating and Stick and puck skating in Meaford Arena.
  5. Power skating and Hockey in Meaford Arena.
  6. Sailing in Meaford.
  7. Meaford Karate Club.
  8. Meaford Tai Chi.
  9. Meaford Sports Camps.
  10. Meaford Blue Dolphin Swimming pool.
  11. Meaford Curling Club.
  12. Hiking, walking, jogging, biking, swimming in a lake is free here. Biking tours and rentals available
  13. Please let me know what I’ve missed so I can add it here.

Youth Organizations and Clubs

  1. Young Naturalists’ Club.  This club is for boys and girls ages 7 to 12 years old (5 to 6 year olds are welcome accompanied with a parent). The program operates from October to June (no meeting in December). Parents or guardians are welcome to stay and participate or volunteer if they wish.
  2. Meaford Young Naturalists Club takes part in this website. About. Grey Bruce Species. Events.
  3. Meaford Homeschoolers’ group. 
  4. Forest Schools.
  5. Transition Meaford – where all residents – teenagers, elders, entrepreneurs and homesteaders meet to discuss Meaford’s resilience, sustainability and community.
  6. Georgian Bay Youth Roots.

BVO partners with Georgian Bay Youth Roots (GBYR), an organization committed to encouraging all youth to become healthy, safe, hopeful, engaged, educated and contributing members of the The Town of The Blue Mountains and The Municipality of Meaford.  Youth Roots seek to create connections and partnerships between youth and community so that opportunities are created for youth to lead, develop and thrive.

Youth Roots meets several times each year.  Email us for times and dates.  The meetings, open to adult and youth participants, are used to communicate and update Youth Roots initiatives and strategies.  If meetings are not your “thing” there are other ways to become involved.  Connect with us and we will keep you informed of these opportunities.

Youth Roots is actively looking for participants in the community.  Have your voice heard! Help ensure our community is meeting the needs of all youth.

Contact: Melri Wright
Phone: 519-599-2577 Ext. 128

Young Naturalist Shared Library

Description is in italic. Name in brackets indicates the current owner. 

The world around you

    1. Society in Question. Sociological Readings for the 21st Century. Robert J. Brym. Fourth Edition. This is a University-level textbook. (Leonid Belov)
    2. Student Learning Guide for use with New Society Sociology for the 21st Century Fourth Edition. Robert J. Brym.
    3. Foundations. Society, Challenge & Change. Second Edition. Editor Brian Burnie. This is a College-level textbook. (Leonid Belov)
    4. Mountain Adventure. Exploring the Appalachian Trail. Photography and story. (Leonid Belov)
    5. Starting Georgaphy. Mountains. Includes fun things to make and do. (Leonid Belov)
    6. Cool Woods. A trip around the world’s boeal forest. By Jane Drake & Ann Love. (Leonid Belov)
    7. The Canadian Shield. The Illustrated Natural History of Canada. (Leonid Belov)
    8. Kids & Science. Seashore Life with adventures, projects, and ideas for exploring your world. By Ellen Doris. (Leonid Belov)
    9. 175 Science Experiments to amuse and amaze your friends. By Brenda Walpole. (Leonid Belov)
    10. Start-up Science. Light and Dark. By Jack Challoner. (Leonid Belov)
    11. Watch me grow. Frog. (Leonid Belov)
    12. Watch me grow. Rabbit. (Leonid Belov)
    13. The Elephant. Peaceful Giant. Animal Close-ups. (Leonid Belov)
    14. Extraordinary Animals. Amazing Sea Creatures. By Andrew Brown. (Leonid Belov)
    15. Everyday Sceince. About hte Weather. By Barbara Taylor. (Leonid Belov)
    16. The Life of Plants. Plant Classification. By Louise & Richard Spilsbury. (Leonid Belov)
    17. The Life of Plants. Plant Parts. By Louise & Richard Spilsbury. (Leonid Belov)

On your backyard

    1. Backyard Fruits & Barries. How to grow them better than ever. By Diane E. Bilderback and Dorothy H. Patent.  (Leonid Belov)
    2. Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials. By Ellen Phillips & C. Colston Burrell. (Leonid Belov)
    3. Herbs. Their Culture and Uses. The Complete Guide to Planting, Growing, & Harvesting Your Herb Garden. By Rosetta E. Clarkson. (Leonid Belov)
    4. The Canadian Ilustrated Guide to Green GArdening. All-New, All Organic, Back-to-Basics Gardening. (Leonid Belov)


  1. The Complete Books of Garlands, Circles, & Decorative Wraths. Creating beautiful seasonal displays from flowers and natural materials. Free to take home. (Leonid Belov)
  2. Black’s Photography for Dummies. By Rassel Hart. Quite old – 2002 but does have some basic advice on photography, digital or not. (Leonid Belov)
  3. The Potter’s Bible. By Marylin Scott. An essential illustrated reference for both beginner and advanced potters. (Leonid Belov)
  4. Taunton’s Front Yard Idea Book. By Jeni Webber. (Leonid Belov)
  5. Popular Mechanics. Complete Home How-to. (Leonid Belov)

Be a Watershed Steward!

  • Plant native species, particularly trees and shrubs along streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  • Learn about invasive species and how you can prevent them from spreading.
  • Decommission unused wells, as they provide a direct pathway to our groundwater systems.
  • Inspect and pump out your septic system every three to five years.
  • Do not dump anything down roadside catch basins because they are connected directly to local waterbodies.
  • Conserve water by using a rain barrel and low-flow household products.
  • Keep livestock out of waterways, employ cover crops to reduce erosion.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Do not let them get into our waterways.
  • Keep recreational activities clean! Have your boat motor checked for leaks.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. We use Streetbank to share tools with neighbours. Thrift stores: The Groove.