Who made this website and for what purpose?

I live in Meaford, Ontario on John St. which is just up the hill on Grey Road 7. My name is Leo and you are my neighbour. I have made this site because I am supposed to watch over the society’s common, to bring it benefit within my power, and to attract sensible people to this task.

I have made this site so that each one of us Meaford residents are clearly aware of where exactly we have a mess, and so each one of us could at any time take a look and see if the level of mess is increasing or going down. 

There won’t be any question of global importance such as raising taxes or Trump’s achievements, here we will only discuss matters that depend on us. Things that we can fix; if we think it is necessary to fix. 

Who the site is for?

This site is only for the residents of Meaford. It is split into little neighbourhoods. If you chose to participate, you will only be able to see the issues your immediate neighbours are discussing. If you have a desire to take care of your street, you can sign up here. One registration per family, no fake nicks please – use your first and last names, and your real address so that people understand who is who. You don’t have to add a photo, but with a photo  it would be easier for everybody involved. 

Who would see value in registering on this site? 

This site is for those who don’t want to chat, but need a place to connect to get things done. “Silently gathered, went out and quietly made their common place a little better.” There would be no community gatherings, no politics, no one will be fighting for social rights or freedom. This is a place to agree on a time when we come out together to pick up garbage. And to watch where else we have garbage to pick up or have things to fix. No politics, no complaints: this is not a municipal site.